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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Lay Leadership Sunday

Scripture: Luke 21:5-19

Lament for the World (Annette King)

When Sorry Floods the Troubled Heart v.1

When sorrow floods the troubled heart and clouds the mind with fears,
afflication presses from the soul the bitter flow of tears,
God's weeping children raise the prayer: "Almighty God, how long
till tears shall cease and silence break and grief be turned to song!"

Lament for the Country (Cindy Osborne)

When Sorrow Floods the Troubled Heart v.2

The voice is stilled, no words express the pain that lingers on;
our prayer becomes a silent sigh; all mortal speech is gone.
The Holy Spirit groans in us with intercession strong;
when tears have ceased and silence breaks, the Spirit stirs a song.

Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25

Our Hope (Rick Chappell)

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