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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

GFBC Selected for Princeton Youth Ministry Project

Greenwood Forest Baptist Church was selected from an application pool of about 200 churches in North America to participate in a youth ministry project based out of Princeton Theological Seminary! The Log College Project "is an innovative initiative at Princeton Theological Seminary to help Christian congregations design, test, and implement new models of youth ministry."

GFBC has been selected for the first phase of the project, which includes 53 congregations that will engage in a "Community of Engagement." We will participate in a project with the Youth Ministry Committee and our youth that will assess the youth ministry and propose new models that could work for us. As part of this project, we will ...

  • Recruit an intergenerational team to develop a new form of youth ministry at GFBC.
  • Reflect on the history of youth ministry at GFBC, learning from the past for the future.
  • Reconnect younger and older disciples at GFBC through sharing intergenerational stories of longing and hope. 
  • Reimagine what youth ministry in your context might look like. 

We will submit our findings to the Log College Project and have a chance to be selected for the second round. The second round of the Log College Project involves 12 churches chosen from the 53 who will receive a $15,000 grant to enact their youth ministry vision and plenty of other opportunities to develop leaders in their youth ministry. 

Regardless of whether or not GFBC makes it to the second stage of the project, acceptance into the Community of Engagement means that over the next two and a half years, Princeton Theological Seminary will be sharing key learnings, resources, and data from the rest of the project with us. We can also participate in formal research over this time period and help influence other churches around the country in their youth ministry practices. 

It's a great opportunity and honor for us to be selected, and we're excited about what the future holds for our youth ministry! If you'd like to become more involved with the youth ministry at GFBC, including with this project, please contact Wes at wesley.spears-newsome@gfbccary.org