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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Summer Community Lunches and Enrichment--Volunteers Needed

This summer, we will be offering a hot meal at noon on Thursdays to families in our community who otherwise would be food-insecure, and we need your help!  We need people to set-up and clean-up and prepare and serve the food.  We will also be offering a time of enrichment before the meal that will include reading help and possibly art, music, and games, depending on the interests and gifts of the volunteers.  We also hope to distribute food bags to our families in need at these meals.

We will be partnering with the Kirk of Kildaire who will be hosting their meal and activities on Mondays, so if Mondays work better for you, feel free to volunteer at the Kirk.  They will do the same for us on Thursdays.  

We are in the process of spreading the word at Briarcliff and Farmington Woods Elementary Schools (our Backpack Buddy schools) and with our neightbors on Wrenn Drive.  Since this is a new and exciting opportunity to meet our neighbors, please be flexible and open to come help as things take shape.  Contact Robin Hardison at robin.hardison@gfbccary.org to volunteer.