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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Community Conversation on Wednesday Nights

Community Conversation
Wednesday Nights from 6-7 pm

The kingdom of God is not found in the wisdom of the world, nor in eloquence, but in the faith of the cross and in the virtue of dialogue. -St. Cyprian

With the rise in popularity of text messaging and social media, many people feel that we are losing the ability to talk to one another face-to-face, or to have deep and meaningful conversations.  This lack is making it increasingly difficult to develop rich and intimate relationships with our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow church members.  Some scholars have even argued that our lack of opportunities for deep and meaningful face-to-face conversations has caused us to become unable to relate to one another appropriately and is a problem at the heart of the increasing level of political incivility and conflict in our society and in our churches.

In an effort to engage in healthy dialogue as a church and help each other to cultivate the art of conversation, we will begin talking together in an intentional way every Wednesday night after dinner from 6-7 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  We will sing together, pray together, talk about our worship services, dive into the biblical texts of the current sermon series, discuss what is going on in our church and our community, and engage in respectful conversation and dialogue about the issues and challenges that are facing our congregation and our world.  The aim of this new initiative is to build deep relationships between us as Christians so that we can work together even more efficiently in ministry and mission to the world.

All are welcome and strongly encouraged to come and join us for our Community Conversation on Wednesday nights after dinner starting this fall.