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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Passport KIDS!

Seven children and three chaperones spent June 30-July 3 at Passport Kids camp on the campus of Wingate University.  Each day built upon the theme, TAG, You’re It.  The first day we learned about Jonah and how God chased Jonah until he obeyed God.  The second day we explored Home Base and the need to have a good foundation to grow as Christians.  On the third day we explored our boundaries and what it means to go Out of Bounds to show God’s love to others.  The final day we learned that we had been chased and tagged by God to go out of bounds to share Jesus’ love.  The best part is that all of us had fun as we learned through our daily worship experiences, devotions, music, and recreation time. 

The street children of Kiev, Ukraine were our missions emphasis.  The children played a game where they were able to have a brief experience as a child living on the streets.  We also attended a Ukrainian night market.  Some of the children made Ukrainian crafts and cooked Ukrainian dumplings.  All of this encouraged us to think about how we can share God’s love with others who may be out of our comfort zones or out of bounds. 

On the final night we had a prayer experience with three prayer stations.  At the first station we had a sip of water and prayed for someone we knew and someone we didn’t know who needs the life giving water of Jesus.  The second station was a global prayer station where we received a name of a street child in the Ukraine for whom we prayed.  The final station was a graffiti wall where we wrote or drew a prayer to God for courage to step out of bounds and show the love of Christ to others.  It was a wonderful time of fun, learning, and spiritual growth.

-Emily Hayne