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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

GFBC Youth @ Passport!

Our youth spent an amazing week at Passport Choices Camp at Wingate from June 30 to July 5. The camp theme this year was "TAG! You're it!" We were reminded that kingdom of God is like a field, where everyone is welcome, where everyone belongs, and where everyone can play. We talked about how God chases each and every one of us and that we can rest in God as our home base, our solid foundation. We also talked about how God invites those people that we might consider "out of bounds" to be special guests at God's party, and that we indeed are "it" so we must go and make disciples of all the nations, inviting all people to this party. Our theme verse was Matthew 22:9, which says, "Go therefore into the main streets, and invite everyone you find to the wedding banquet.” Each day we had morning devotion, bible stuides, and worship centered around this theme. Many of our youth even helped to lead worship!

Our youth were involved in Choice groups or discipleship groups for the week. They were assigned to Common Threads, TreeSpace, Huddle Up, Echo, Skin Deep, and Grace Notes; we learned about how to be better disciples through loving our neighbors from different cultures, taking care of God's creation, learning to grow together through teamwork, learning to love ourselves as those made in the image of God, and leading others in worship.  We also had lots of fun bonding during free time and going to Passport's Rec Party on Monday night and the Pep Rally Dance party on Tuesday night.  We dressed up as the GFBC basketball team, and I'll have you know that while we aren't that good at winning basketball games, we sure know how to win a costume contest! And despite the fact that it rained nearly every minute we were there, we had a blast as we laughed, learned, and worshipped together. Pray we will continue to share the love of Christ with everyone around us, inviting all people to the banquet of God.

-Rev. Lauren Efird

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You are it. You are the answer. You are the one to love your neighbor.