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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Catching up for Second Wednesday

On Wednesday evening we will finish our study of James K.A. Smith's book, You Are What You Love. We will focus on Chapters 5 and 6 of the book, which focus on formation of children and youth and spirituality in the home. Because of this, we would really love to have all of our children's and youth parents in attendance to contribute to our discussion. You do not need to have read the book or have attended the previous sessions to contribute!

We know that not everyone has been able to attend both of the previous sessions so we'd like to give everyone a brief primer so that we're all caught up and ready to participate. 

In Session 1, we learned about the main argument of Smith's book: you are what you love. Here are the main takeaway points:

1. Our behavior is more influenced by what we love and desire than by what we know intellectually
2. Who we are at our core, our loves and desires, are shaped by the practices and habits we take on
3. On Sunday, we are ideally participating in practices that are shaping our hearts to desire God's kingdom
4. Monday through Saturday we are also immersed in practices that form our hearts to love other kingdoms. The shopping mall has a version of the kingdom. America has a version of the kingdom. We need to be aware of the practices we are taking on and what version of the kingdom they are shaping us to love

This video about a reverse bicycle experiment explains really well how practices and habits shape us. Go watch it and come back! 

In Session 2, we applied these concepts to worship. Here are the takeaway points:

1. Worship is the heart of Christian discipleship. It's our primary opportunity as God's people to shape our hearts to desire what God desires for the world
2. We often think of worship as a bottom-up, expressive endeavor (we come to express our love to God). But this ignores God's role in worship. Worship is more accurately an invitation a top-down encounter in which God is remaking us and transforming our desires to align with God’s
3. Our worship needs to harness the formative power of repetition. There is no formation without repetition (how do you become a golfer? Practice your swing over and over!)

We're excited to see everybody on Wednesday evening for our meal at 5:30 and conversation at 6:15! Forming our children in the faith and understanding how our home life shapes our faith are very important topics for us to discuss. See you at Second Wednesday GFBC!



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