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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Advent Devotional Day 12-December 8

I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river … it’s a song, perhaps you know it, I’ve got peace like a river in my soul.  Normally you can catch me singing it full throttle around the house. On this day, though, I am stopping for a few      moments to wonder about the words I’m singing. Peace … like a river?

Picture this: a little child launches a leaf on the water and then runs downstream to watch its journey. Such is our faith. God carries us like a leaf; our faith stays afloat. In our sweet imagination, that’s peaceful. Is it that simple? If so, then why am I singing about peace during the hustle bustle of Advent, while still in the throes of this past political season, when I must keep NPR’s news on low?

Because it is that simple! I sing because I am not alone in any of this. I know life isn’t easy, but then I have come to keep this verse in my heart,  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)  This is where the Christmas star stops for me –  over Bethlehem and over my heart. I can’t help but sing.

In this Advent season, we are reminded that peace is a gift that flows freely from God into our souls – it’s his gift for us. We give him our trust and faith. The light of the world is the renewed peace in our soul through our relationship with Jesus.

A child, who is called Immanuel, was born in Bethlehem, and is born again in our hearts. Light the candle and just listen to God. He is merciful. He is loving. He is calm. God is with us. We have peace.


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