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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Advent Devotional Day 11-December 7


Remember the peace when our kids finished college and got jobs, we retired after thirty years in a stressful job, and we converted our stocks into the money market?  Peace of mind.

Remember the peace you felt walking out into a high mountain meadow in early October into fields of goldenrod and smelling the fall wildflowers and drying leaves, where the sun was hot and the air cool?

Remember the peace you feel after you have donated your time and money to   support efforts to bring peace to your community, and perhaps, to the world?

The overarching peace is knowing we are immortal.  Two thousand years ago a door closed—and another one opened.  Jesus of Nazareth was the first to reveal the next life—when we walk into the presence of our creator and begin the next      journey.  The final peace. 


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