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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Freedom Blog

You Belong Here

We learn this week about women who history almost forgot, women who knew that they belonged even when everyone around them said otherwise. 

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Don't Be Conformed

This week, we learned about how Julius Neely rejected the "patterns of this world" and instead allowed God to transform him and those around him through the establishment of "The Little School in the Woods."

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Beware of False Prophets

We learn about how even people raised in church and who read the Bible were still committed to very bad things like white supremacy. How can we do better?

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The Ministry of Reconstruction

We talked about the ministry of reconciliation, which means to make things right through change. What does it mean to work to make things right through change as Christians? 

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Shortly after New Year's, we talked about the tradition of Watchnight, waiting for freedom to come as one year turned into the next. 

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