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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Faith Formation


GFBC values intellectual curiosity and fosters spiritual growth in people of all ages and abilities. In our faith formation, we hope to get beyond learning information about God to having an encounter that transforms the whole person and leads us into worship. In addition to the Sunday morning Faith Formation classes and Small Groups detailed below, we also host conferences focusing on various topics aimed at stretching our understanding of the Christian journey. Come visit and see how you can grow in your faith with us.

Regular Discipleship Opportunities

Small Groups

GFBC has several small groups that meet regularly during the week at various places and times outside of Sunday morning. These small groups are meant to be flexible and facilitate an intimate and in-depth encounter with God and with the members of your group. If you are interested in joining or starting a small group, please contact Rev. Stacks.

Sunday Morning Faith Formation Classes

Faith Formation classes meet at 9:30am each Sunday morning before worship for a time of Bible study and spiritual formation that is designed to provide connection within the larger community and lead us into worship at 11am. We have classes for all age groups and childcare for toddlers and babies. For more information on the classes, please contact Rev. Stacks or visit us at 9:30am on a Sunday morning.

Teaching Series 2019-2020

The Teaching Series is a set of special topics taught by ministers and lay teachers for combined adults (and interested youth) on various topics. Here is this year's schedule:

Christianese: Understanding the Words of our Faith
November 10 - December 8 (no class on November 17), taught by Rev. Stephen Stacks

Ancient Wisdom for the Contemporary Church
January 26 - February 16, taught by Dr. Lydia Hoyle

Why do they do that?!: Insights of the Enneagram
April 19 - May 10, co-taught by Andy Jarrell and Rev. Wesley Spears-Newsome

A Christian Theology of Inclusion
June 14 - July 5, taught by Rev. Stephen Stacks

Discipleship Retreat 2020