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Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

Cuba Partnership

Through our affiliation with the Alliance of Baptists, we have partnered in ministry with Ebenezer Baptist Church in Las Margaritas, Cuba since 2000. Many of our church members and ministerial staff over the years have travelled to Cuba, and each of them will tell you how invaluable our partnership with Ebenezer is for both churches as we each seek to participate in God's kingdom where we are. Here is a quote from the Alliance of Baptists about Cuba partnerships:

"In place of the paternalistic and dependency-creating traditional model of mission fields receiving help from mission agencies, the Alliance-Fraternity partnerships are based on mutuality of respect and the desire to build relationships that recognize both possess resources and needs, wealth and poverty. Through relationship building, there is mutual support that, in turn, promotes sustainability. While relatively poor in material goods, the Cuban churches are rich in many other areas, including cultural arts, theological education, and community outreach."